Repair Services

Call 651-271-4048 to arrange repair pick-up


Bright Blinds does more than clean window treatments; we also repair all major types of blinds and shades. Before you give up and throw out those broken blinds, call us for quality professional repair service.

Repair Services Include:

Re-stringing (kits also available)

Cord-Lock Replacement

Continuous Cord Loop Replacement

Clutch Control Replacement

Tilter Control Replacement

Replacement of broken slats

Wand Replacement


Motor Replacement

Cut-Down Service


We also stock a wide variety of replacement parts for the Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY’ers): tassels, plugs, end caps, assembled re-string kits, tilt wands, cord guides & installation brackets.

Bright Blinds provides worry-free professional care for all types of blinds and shades from most manufacturers. Call 651.271.4048 today and schedule your repairs.

Bright Blinds proudly services the entire Twin Cities Metro area.

We Repair All Types Of Blinds & Shades